The first batch of short-term exchange students in Thailand completed the study and returned to school
Author: Source: Date &Time:2018-06-19 查看中文

On 18th June 2018, the first batch of short-term exchange activities in Thailand, jointly organized by Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) and Shandong Yingcai University, was successfully completed, and the students returned to school safely. There are 34 students participating in this exchange.

The exchange was held for a week. The school's international office was responsible for publicity and promotion, and organized students, led by Yongxin Li and Peng Yue from DPU. The event combines study and travelling. During the Thai period, students have full-time classes, and award certificate of completion.

During the one-week study tour, our students showed the good spirit of the Yingcai students and participated in the experience of the DPU undergraduate professional courses. Under the leadership of local teachers in Thailand, they conducted Thai cultural etiquette studies, Thai basic courses, and the production of garland water lamps.The students also visited the Grand Palace and the Four Faces of Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand, and experienced the local customs of Thailand, learned the history and culture of Thailand, and exercised the ability to communicate in English.

The classmates said that such exchange activities embodies the "integration of knowledge and practical experience", enhances their own life experience, broadens their international horizons, and allows them to learn a lot of knowledge that is not available in books and enhance their application ability.

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