The three technical centres of ZTE Information School were established.
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From 14th June to 27th June 2018, the establishment ceremony of "Wireless Network Technology Center", "Wired Network Technology Center" and "Cloud Computing Technology Center" of ZTE Information Institute was held in the base of the Ministry of Education - ZTE ICT Industry and Education Integration Innovation.
After three years of intensive integration of schools and enterprises, the Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry and Education Integration and Innovation Base has created a training goal of enterprise engineers and colleges with many years of industry work experience in line with the training goal of meeting the needs of employment talents in the modern communications industry. The “school-enterprise mixed teacher team” consisting of a rich team of teachers. Through a series of measures such as "one class double teacher", "joint teaching and research", "co-developing teaching materials" and other measures to promote the joint training of school and enterprise, in order to stimulate the vitality of various professions, fully explore the potential of the teaching staff, improve the quality of education and teaching, and improve the teaching effect. Carry out a variety of professional activities, present work highlights, reflect professional advantages, and set up three major technology centers.
The technical center staff is divided into directors, deputy directors, teachers, students, and consultants. The director is the lecturer of the enterprise, and the deputy director is the teacher of the school. Each technical center selects more than 6 students from the cooperative major to join the center, representing students' interests and students' perspectives, real feedback problems, and participating in related affairs and work of each center. In addition, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the support center, Jialu Wang, deputy dean of the School of Information Engineering, and Huabao Li, assistant project manager of the Shandong Yingcai Project Department, were invited as central consultants to ensure resource supply and overall coordination.
A technical centre consisting of senior wireless network engineers and outstanding students is the core strength of the professional engineering of the School of Information Engineering. After the establishment of the center, it will play an important role in education and teaching, event organization, innovation and entrepreneurship, and scientific research project support, and will play a good role in safeguarding the work of wireless network professionals.
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