Our students went to Taiwan for exchange and study and returned to Yingcai
Author: Source: Date &Time:2018-07-03 查看中文

A few days ago, 31 students from our school went to Taiwan to complete the exchange study tasks of this semester successfully . On July 2, 2018, they successfully returned to Jinan. The Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Cooperation Office of the school arranged a staff to meet at Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport. So far, under the guidance of the provincial and municipal Taiwan Affairs Offices, our school's study and exchange activities to Taiwan have been successfully completed this semester.

Through one semester of study and exchange, the students not only completed the established course study tasks, but also deepened the study of the basic theoretical knowledge of the profession. At the same time, the students actively participated in various practical activities organized by Taiwan universities and performed well in the activities.

During a semester of exchanges and studies in Taiwan, the talented scholars experienced Taiwan's human geography and customs, broadened their horizons, enriched their knowledge, and enhanced their sense of pride. Returning from the return trip, they all said that in the future, they will apply what they have learned in Taiwan to practice and strive for even better results.

"It feels so good to go home." When I returned to school, my classmates sent out heartfelt emotions. The students were very grateful to the school for their exchange of learning opportunities in Taiwan. They also hoped that the schoolmates would actively participate in future exchanges and learning activities in Taiwan, grow together with the young students of Taiwan, and be the messengers of cross-strait friendly exchanges.

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