Our school teachers completed the Pre-employment Training of the China Scholarship Council (CSC)
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From 2nd to 7th July, the "2018 the Second Semester ISEC (AISEC) Teacher Pre-employment Training" hosted by Guizhou University of Finance and Economics which sponsored by the Oriental International Education Exchange Center,China International Scholarship Fund Management Committee ,

As a newly approved project organiser in 2018, our school has selected and organized some professional teachers of business schools, school of early childhood education, and school of economics and management, as well as general education teachers and academic affairs departments such as foreign language schools, academic departments, basic departments, and employment offices. A total of 19 project management personnel, including the Department of Personnel and Human Resources, participated in the training.

The training invited Professor Fengshan Bai of Tsinghua University, Professor Nathan Lindsay of the University of Montana, Professor Zhijun Ji of Henan University, Professor Leiming Chen of Zhengzhou Aviation Work Management College and many other senior education and teaching local experts and abroad. Through a series of lecture activities such as concept guidance and teaching guidance, the training is interspersed with teaching exercises, teaching seminars, teaching sharing, teaching exchanges, etc., and more than 200 teachers from more than 10 ISEC (AISEC) project institutions nationwide.

The training covers the general education and cultural consciousness, the design requirements and case analysis of the English syllabus of the ISEC (AISEC) course, the course teaching requirements based on the characteristics of ISEC (AISEC) teaching, the learning evaluation method based on learning results (Rubric).The distinguishing thinking in Chinese cultural context and its application in teaching, how to become an ISEC (AISEC) teacher, ISEC (AISEC) learning outcomes course case and other topics.

In the intense training of high intensity from morning to evening for 6 consecutive days, all the teachers of the school participated in the meeting on time, actively participated in the group activities, and earnestly completed their personal work, showing the outstanding professional quality and good spirit of our teachers.

All the participating teachers of training will undertake the new course of the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year of our school's AISC programme. Through the training, the teachers deeply understood the teaching concept of ISEC, mastered the teaching requirements, basic methods and operational norms of the ISEC course, clarified the personal goals of ISEC teachers, and understood the significance and methods of introducing explicit thinking into classroom teaching. It will play an active role in promoting the construction of our faculty, the transformation of teaching concepts and the improvement of teaching quality.

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