Warm Winter: School Leaders Visited Poor Students
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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, fully implement the task of accurately helping the poor through education, effectively solve the practical problems of students in financially disadvantaged families, and strive to cultivate new and innovative people who have an ideal, capable and responsible role, the university has always taken students as the center. Therefore, the students will not lose their chances of study because of family difficulties and will not have negative psychology because of family poverty. On January 22, our university started the "Warm Winter Project" to carry out "warm-up, warm-line, warm heart" which was the theme of home visits.

School leaders Xia Jiting, Wan Chongjie, Liu Cuilan, Liang Qingwen, Zhang Zongsheng, Cui Kuiyong, Sun Yuxiang, Yang Jianjun and Chen Wenhua led a working group of 30 middle-level cadres and counselors from the school to 24 families in 17 counties and cities of Shandong province. They brought gifts of oil, rice, noodles, warm clothing, calendars and desk calendars to the families, so that poor students can really feel the " Home "warmth.

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