The Chairlady Ms.Yang Wen attended the City Women's Federation to Revitalize the Women's Life
Author: Source: Date &Time:2018-02-08 查看中文

To play the role of women and families in the rural revitalization strategy, on February 7, Jinan Women's Federation created "Outstanding People" campaign in Jiyang County to promote the broad masses of rural women and their families to make colorful life and build civilized new countryside.

Ji'nan Agricultural Office, Municipal Civilization Office, Jiyang County leaders, representatives of female entrepreneurs, the Women's Federation Chairman of many counties and the high-tech district, leaders of the Nanshan Administration Committee, the Chairman of the town and village Women's Federations attended this activity which included about 100 people. Ms. Yang Wen, the Chairwomen of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and the Chairlady of Yingcai Univerisity, also attended the event.

Attendees watched a model household of "Outstanding People" and sent consolation money and products to the needy people. Ms. Yang Wen, the Chairlady of our university and the Chairwoman of City Women Entrepreneurs Association on behalf of City Women Entrepreneurs Association, donated "Accurate Poverty Alleviation Love Donations 100,000 yuan" to the village.

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