Our University Won the First Prize in the BIM Application Skills Competition
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Our Team Participated in the Competition


In the June of 2017, our university’s team participated in the Eighth National "Sware Cup" Building Information Modeling (BIM) Application Skills Competition and achieved excellent results, they won the National First Prize of Project Cost, the National Second Prize of Green Building Project, the National Second Prize of Project Management , etc.

This competition is held in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Jilin Jianzhu University at the same time through the Internet. The contest is held by China Association of Construction Education, directed by the Ministry of Housing and Construction Project Management, Engineering Costs Professional Steering Committee and National Housing and Urban-Rural Vocational Education Steering Committee, and undertaken by Shenzhen Sware Technology Company, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Jilin Jianzhu University. There are 506 universities took part in this competition, finally 457 teams got to the finals, including our university’s team.

In the fierce final, our team members encouraged each other with positive attitude and tacit understanding, which reflects a good team spirit.

In this competition, students could improve their team cooperation ability and innovation ability, have a better understanding about their majors, master the application of BIM technology and make a good foundation for employment.

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