Training Base for High Skilled Talents was Built in Yingcai
Author: Source: Date &Time:2017-06-13 查看中文

Held the Meeting

Signing Ceremony

In the morning of June 12th, China-Europe Manufacture Development Center in Ji'nan High Tech District, Shandong Yingcai University and Festo (China) built “Training Base for High Skilled Talents in Ji'nan High Tech District” together, the signing ceremony was held in Yingcai.

President Jiting Xia expressed that Shandong Yingcai University is an application-oriented undergraduate university, which aims to cultivate application talents and consistently commit itself to serve local economic and social development.

In recent years, the deepening cooperation between our school and enterprises and the integration of high-quality social resources have made a great progress, and the quality of talents training and the ability of social service have been highly recognized by the society. The President said, the school will see the training base as an opportunity to further enhance the quality of talents cultivation and the ability of social service, and also contribute to the promotion of High Tech District development.

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