Students Won the First Prize in a International Competition for the First Time
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Instructors and Students

Certificate of the First Prize

On May 20th, 2017 Asia Pacific Distribution Industry Simulation Management Competition was held in Hsing Wu University. With the help and support of leaders in Yingcai University, our team, which formed by Dingfang Duan, Dan Li, Zhe Zhang, Qiang Yang and the Economics and Management School Instructor Xiaohong Yu, won the first prize. It was the first time that our students participated in a international competition and got the first prize.

The event was organized by the Chinese Business Management and Development Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee, Taiwan Branch of Commercial Franchise Association and Hsing Wu University, which attracted 11 universities from all over the world.

Our team competed with the teams from Dong-Eui University, Nagoya University and Taiwan National United University in the last round. Finally, our team won the first prize in the Asia Pacific Region Final with solid professional knowledge, stable psychological quality, accurate financial management ability and cooperation ability, which achieved the "zero" breakthrough in the international competition!

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