Library Service in the School of Foreign Language and International Communication
Author: Source: Date &Time:2017-04-27 中文

In order to meet the reading needs of teachers and students, "Three Fine Services" activities came to the School of Early Childhood Education and the School of Foreign Language and International Communication which was held by the library organization on April 19th and 20th, which promote reading activities for all people and offer a cultural feast for each college teacher and student.

This activity provided many kinds of books, including humanities, social sciences, natural science, management, literature and art, pre-school education, foreign language learning and other major categories. When the book carts arrived at the playground, teachers and students were attracted by the new books. They came to the book carts to ask for books and read them on the spot. Meanwhile, the library staff also introduced books for the teachers and students. The majority of teachers and students could use their photo ID to register and then borrow books, which provided a convenient way and better service for them to borrow books.

This activity has received the unanimous praise from our teachers and students, and everyone has spoken freely to give valuable comments and suggestions. In the future, the library will continue to facilitate such cultural activities in the whole university for teachers and students, which aims to promote universal reading and create a scholarly campus.

(Teachers and Students Ask for Books )

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