Reasons to collaborate with Shandong Yingcai University

Yingcai distinguishes itself by 6 major advantages as a partner, compared to many other Chinese HEIs

–No. 1 in the Comprehensive Private University Ranking; Top 3 in the Private HEI Ranking in 5 consecutive years
Dozens of unparalleled national awards; top quality of teaching endorsed by MoE
First-class, modern campus facilities with wonderful range of resource provision
Practical training in 8 mega-scale centres on campus, supplemented by >100 corporate training bases
Excellent research combined with academic innovation
No. 1 in employer satisfaction among all degree-offering institutions across provinces; prevailing careers service with graduate employment rate >95%
–Outstanding reputation and social recognition of integrity
–Largest private university of China
–Unparalleled track record of student recruitment, China's biggest scale of annual fresh admissions
Attractive destination for students, balanced in cultural, economical and natural aspects
International communication promoted and enabled at multiple levels
Formal collaborative courses, and informal visits to & from abroad
Rapid development over 19 yrs, focus transformed from size expansion into quality upgrade
Elite team of professional educationists leads with extraordinary vision and execution capabilities
Influential relationship strengthened by outstanding performance and extensive effort
Excellent official assessment results and government endorsement
Shandong Yingcai University
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