Course and teaching

Yingcai embraces a comprehensive scope of academic subjects

10 Schools offering 30 undergraduate and 40 diploma courses, e.g.

  • Early childhood education
  • Medicine, nursing, dentistry and midwifery
  • Elderly services and management
  • Foreign languages and international studies
  • Economics and business
  • Art design
  • Information engineering
  • Machinery manufacturing and automation
  • Architecture
  • Automobile engineering

Schools are headed by distinguished academics in the field

  • All Heads of Schools are distinguished Professors in the respective field
  • Many with over 30 yrs of experience in education and research

Excellent talent continuation and reserve

  • Among 918 full-time teaching staff, 342 are professors and associate professors
  • 55% teachers have corresponding technical qualifications
  • Senior academics headhunted from top state-owned institutions
  • Middle-aged, full-time teachers becoming backbone of daily teaching
  • New recruits all with PhD / postgraduate degrees from  leading universities, carefully coached and rapidly developing

Top quality of teaching endorsed by official MoE assessment Unparalled among private institutions; outcompeting many state-owned uni's with history of decades

  • Nationally Distinguished Teaching Expert*
  • Nationally Renowned High-end Teaching Expert with Special Stipend*
  • National Undergraduate Teaching Team*
  • National Choicest HE Course$
  • Demonstrative Experimental and Practical Teaching Centre at National Level
  • Provincial Distinguished HE Teaching Expert
  • Provincial Outstanding HE Teaching Team
  • Provincial Model Experiment & Training Centre
  • 2 Provincial Model Majors
  • 3 Provincial Characteristic Majors
  • 4 Provincial Outstanding Teaching Outcome Awards
  • 16 Provincial Excellent HE Courses
  • ......

* the only among all private HEIs of China

$ the first among all private HEIs of China



Superior exam performance compared to National benchmark s recognised by many official and professional bodies



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