The Education and Teaching Conference

   In order to improve the quality of education and teaching, on the morning of October 14th, our school organized a meeting on education and teaching. President Liu Cuilan and Vice President Ge Cong attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
   Sun Wenhong, director of the Academic Affairs Office, made a report on the main work points of the beginning of the teaching operation, the current semester's teaching, scientific research, certification. He focused on the problems found in the early teaching inspection in detail, and emphasized the follow-up work process and requirements. Long Xinliang, Director of the Student Affairs Office, carried out the work in six aspects, including the student attendance rate, the way of the test, the construction of the counselor team, the handling of phenomena that interfere with the teaching order, the construction of the scholarship system and the mental health education of college students Give specific instructions.
   After listening to the report, Vice President Ge Cong pointed out that the most important point of school management work is to put students at the first place. Any work that is conducive to the physical and mental development of students must be done well. Finding the problem is not enough,the important thing is to face the problem. Teaching management and student management should be combined, and the relevant functional departments of the school, teaching units, and teaching assistant teams should cooperate with each other to achieve the goal. 
   Principal Liu Cuilan pointed out that all school management work should be centered on teaching, and regular meetings should be held to find problems, solve problems, and improve communication. She also put forward three requirements for the future teaching work. First, at the student level, we must pay full attention to the students’ training. Secondly, at the teacher level, teaching standard is very important and school needs to strengthen the improvement of teachers' teaching ability and the construction of teacher ethics, The final point is about management level, school must put problems on the table, face the problem and make timely corrections.


International Cooperation

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    Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi
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  • Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for Prospering the People and Promoting Shandong Province”
    Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for


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