The Video Conference

  On the morning of March 10, our school held a video conference on online classroom teaching quality evaluation. This conference is to discuss the online class teaching quality evaluation during the epidemic prevention and control this semester. Vice President Zhang Xinghu, many experts and relevant personnel of the teaching department attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Sun Wenhong, Minister of Teaching Affairs.
  The person in charge of the teaching department introduced the various teaching preparations made by our school during this period and and the teaching operation since the beginning of this semester. They also and reported the relevant research and quality assurance work carried out for online teaching. Every supervision expert has conducted a heated discussion on the feasibility of teaching quality evaluation, teaching quality evaluation indicators and current work priorities. They has also put forward valuable suggestions on the next step of supervision and observation of lectures and teaching quality evaluation.
  Vice President Zhang Xinghu said that in order to do a good job of online teaching quality evaluation during this period, two problems need to be solved. First, we should have a comprehensive understanding of the online teaching operation. The second is proposing the evaluation index of online classroom teaching quality and establishing the online teaching quality monitoring system. He put forward several requirements for online classroom teaching quality evaluation. First, through project research, it focuses on the evaluation and monitoring of online teaching quality from the aspects of resource construction, resource utilization, teaching design, student learning, online communication and student satisfaction.Second, teaching management personnel and supervisors should be familiar with the functions of the network teaching platform and information acquisition methods, and explore better ways and methods for school quality management. The third is to fully investigate and find out the demand points of teachers and give them necessary training and guidance.


International Cooperation

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    Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi
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    Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for


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