Notification on Reiterating that Students are Not Allowed to Return to School in Advance

All staffs and students of Yingcai University:


  In order to do well in the prevention and control of the Coronavirus outbreak and block the spread of the virus, on 29th January, Yingcai University issued an notification based on the documents of Shandong Education Department and Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. Now the university would like to repeat the announcement,as follow:


1, All students are not allowed to return to school before receiving the formal notice. The specific time shall be subject to the official notification of the school.


2, Please report personal information truthfully. All students should log in the WeChat app "I am on campus" epidemic reporting system according to the requirements. Everyone needs to  report their personal physical condition and holiday journey regularly and truthfully. Those who conceal or falsely report shall take full responsibility.


3, Stay healthy and study hard. Yingcai started the online courses on 24th February. All students should participate in online class, complete the learning tasks and complete the learning tasks as required. During this time,everyone should try not go out, and wear mask if you have to go outside.


4, Those who violate these regulations shall take the full responsibility.


5, Without the approval of the school, no department or individual in the school shall issue the notice of students' return time or approve students' early return to school for any reason.


6, Each secondary school shall inform every student of the regulations and help students to understand it. While waiting for the official opening notice of the school at home, students need to participate in online teaching activities under the guidance of the teacher.


All staffs and students should gain the full understanding of current situation and be responsible for themselves, society and the country. Everyone should reduce unnecessary travel and work together to fight the epidemic.


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