Sino-German College of Yingcai University

 On 12th November, the Sino-German SME Cooperation & Communication Conference opened in Shandong Mansion. The conference has been committed to promoting cooperation and exchanges between small and medium-sized enterprises between the two countries since 2015. It has played an active role in expanding exchanges between the two sides in the fields of economy, science, technology and humanities. It has become an important step for Shandong Province to practice the concept of open development. Deputy Governor Sun Jiye, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Sun Shutao, and Chief Economist Wang Xinzhe of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Chairman Yang Wen of our university and President Xia Jiting were invited to this event as representatives of universities. Yingcai and the Jinan Sino-German Exchange Association jointly established the "Sino-German Academy", which was formally signed and unveiled at the conference.
The talent training cooperation project between Yingcai and the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany is the opening piece of the Sino-German Academy's international cooperation project. At the meeting, the president Xia Jiting signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ms. Wang Yaomin, a representative of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. The implementation of this project is not only another exploration made by the school, but also the beginning of comprehensive cooperation between the two parties in academic education, short-term visits, and German learning.
President Xia Jiting delivered a speech at the Sino-German SME Cooperation & Communication Conference. He introduced the school's general situation, the establishment background, preparation process, and the goal of the Sino-German College. He mentioned that the Sino-German College meets he needs of industrial transformation and the training of applied talents. It is not only beneficial to the school's own development, but also to provide talent and intellectual support for the development of enterprises in the region.
The Sino-German College will build more platforms to help to promote exchanges between two sides. The school will also  explore new ideas to build a new pattern of Sino-German cooperation, and contribute to building a modern city and serving regional economic development.


International Cooperation

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