School-enterprise Cooperation Meeting

On 17th October, Tian Hongtao, the Deputy Director of the China-Europe Manufacturing Development Center, and the Minister of Enterprise Services, Sun Xia, invited 12 high-quality enterprises from the Sino-German Enterprises Cooperation Zone to visit the school to discuss matters related to school-enterprise cooperation. Liu Cuilan, Executive Vice President of the School, and a number of other school leaders attended the meeting.

The guests had a campus tour on that day. They visited Information Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, the Modern Logistics Experimental Teaching Center and the Electromechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center. During the visitation, guests highly praised Yingcai’s  advanced experimental teaching facilities and talent training model. After the tour, the two sides held a symposium, which was hosted by Liu Cuilan, the executive vice president of the school.

Executive Vice President Liu expressed warm welcome to the guests, and briefly introduced the advantages of the school. She mentioned that Yingcai pays great attention to the cooperation program. The "dual system" education model, which jointly developed by the two sides, has begun to show the economic benefits after a year of practice. Deputy Director Tian Hongtao introduced the general situation of the economic zone in the high-tech zone and the purpose of the event. He hoped that this event would play a good role as a bridge between enterprises and the elite colleges in high-end manufacturing. Subsequently, the 12 companies participating in the meeting introduced the company's general situation and needs. These participating companies includes Fushi Auto Parts, Bosch Auto, Boma Technology and other international companies.

The leaders had fully communicated with the company and reached consensus in the fields of electromechanical, information engineering and logistics. Both schools and enterprises unanimously agreed to make this communication as a starting point to continue to expand cooperation, enhance the closeness and participate in personnel training on the basis of  society’s supply and demand.


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