The Year 2019 Academic Career Development Forum

On 6th September, the international school held a wonderful lecture on students’ career planning. Ms. Yingfei Wang, the office secretary of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, Mr. Long Chen, CPA, senior auditor and senior investment manager, and Rik, the director of the Academic English Department of the International School made wonderful speech on the forum.
Ms. Yingfei Wang shared her story of studying abroad in the UK and the experience in the world's top 500 enterprises. She helped students to find the correct learning method, understand themselves, and learn to appreciate others by having fun questions and answers with them. She encouraged students to make full use of time and maintain the passion of learning. By this way, students can enrich their own experiences and make a good carrier plan for themselves.
 Mr. Chen, who is currently engaged in the investment industry, shared his own study abroad experience with students. He talked about how he get he qualification certificate for CPA while doing undergraduate course, get the internship position in PWC in his junior year and become a senior auditor in 4 years. He encouraged the students to study hard and start preparing for professional qualifications. He also encouraged students to learn English well so that they can discover a wider world.
 Rik, the director of the English Teaching and Research Section, talked about his experience of teaching English in Chinese universities for more than ten years. During these years, he helped thousands of Chinese students to go abroad successfully. He shared the methods of English learning with everyone and introduced characters of the International College. He noted that IEC English teaching aims to teach skills that more practical and train students to become independent thinkers. He encourage everyone to find a partner to practice together and enjoy the process of learning English.
This forum has greatly inspired the curiosity and interest of the students. It helped students to understand how to combine professional courses with English learning and how to develop career development plans.


International Cooperation

  • Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi University in Thailand
    Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi
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    Preprimary Education Won the Good Performance
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    The Library Integrates Services into the Clas
  • Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for Prospering the People and Promoting Shandong Province”
    Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for


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