National Defense Education Exhibition of Year 2019 Students

Yingcai University held a grand exhibition of year 2019 freshmen's national defense education in the South and North campuses on 30th -31st August . Many government officials and our school leaders attended this ceremony.

The exhibition began with the national anthem and flag raising ceremony at 9am. The flag was given by the Tiananmen District Management Committee as a gift, which was raised in Tiananmen Square on September 21, 2010.  

On the ceremony, freshmen showed  two weeks of military training results to leaders and instructors with great confidence. They showed new spirit and confidence of Yingcai students and won the applause of the audience.

 Vice President Zongsheng Zhang and Vice President Xinghu Zhang read the "Decision on the Recognition of National Defense Education Activities for Year 2019 Freshmen". The conference presented awards to outstanding units and individuals of the 2019 level national defense education activities.Chairman Wen Yang presented the banner to the Jinan Detachment of the Shandong Armed Police Corps, and thanked the training units for their support of the school's national defense education and new military training. In the speech, Fengmin Zheng, political commissar of the Jinan detachment of the Shandong Armed Police Corps, and Colonel Lihua Yu fully affirmed the students' coordination with the instructors during the short military training.

After that, , the conference held the unveiling ceremony of the “Intelligent Automobile Design Institute”. Wang Bin, deputy general manager of the new energy vehicle intelligent network division of Beijing Huasheng, together with Vice President Cuilan Liu, unveiled the “Smart Vehicle Design Institute”. President Jiting Xia made a speech entitled ‘Being a brave and loyal person’. He encourage students to strengthen convictions and be a excellent young person who can carry the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation. He mentioned that young people should cultivate the feelings of our country and contribute to the country.

Xinlu Wang and Jia Su , former vice chairman of the Shandong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, made a speech. They affirmed the achievements of the school in the past 20 years and expressed their appreciation for the results of this new military training. They hoped that students can learn something from this training and be a useful person for our country.

At the end of the ceremony, in the chorus of the school song, this exhibition came to a great ending.


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