The Doctoral Seminar

In order to make high-level talents have better influence and let school have better and faster development, the school held a new doctoral seminar on 27th August . The meeting was hosted by Cuilan Liu, executive vice president of the school.
Vice President Cuilan Liu first introduced recent years’ introduction and training of doctors of school, and explained the relevant policies for schools to serve high-level talents.
On the behalf of the school, the president Jiting Xia sent condolences to the doctors at the meeting. He expressed appreciation for the doctors who took the heavy burden in the critical period of school development. He stressed that attaching importance to talents is an important strategy for school. The strategic goals of schools will not change. The school will continue to care for the improvement of outstanding teachers and help them solve practical difficulties. He hopes that the PhDs will be able to do more contribution to the creation of high-level applied universities.
On 27th August , 19 doctors attended this symposium. Some of them are from the top universities in China. Some of them were funded by the university to get the        PhD. The doctors had a discussion on the teaching and research work since they entered the school. They expressed their gratitude for the school and expressed their determination and confidence to build a better Yingcai. Vice President Kuiyong Cui hopes that they can be a good role model on scientific research, realize personal career development, and make greater contributions to school development.
Party secretary Chongjie Wang said that for universities in China, especially private universities, it is not common for a university to send excellent teachers to do further study. He hopes that doctors should keep in mind that they should continue to carry forward the spirit of hardworking and be a good role model on teaching and research management.
Consultant Tiqin Zhang highly praised the achievements of the school in recent years in high-level personnel training and scientific research. He expressed his expectation for these doctors. He based on the three major pursuits of Confucianism ‘living, cultivating, and advocating’, three steps of life ‘living, job, career’, and the four dimensions of the pursuit of ‘pursuit, pattern, sentiment, poetry’ to give some meaningful advices to the doctors.
During the meeting, the doctors are so encouraged that they expressed their willingness to live up to the high expectations of the school. They willwork hard, constantly improve their teaching and research capabilities. They will make their own efforts to build a high-level applied university.


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