The Energy Conservation Project Passed the Acceptance

On August 13, 2019, the expert group organized by the Jinan Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau came to our school. They conducted special inspection and acceptance of the energy-saving renovation project declared by our school in 2018. Many leaders from government and our school attended this meeting.
The project acceptance was held in the second conference room of the South Campus Office Building. Vice President Jianjun Yang gave a welcome speech on behalf of the school and brief report on the basic situation of the school. In particular, for many years, the college has always attached great importance to energy conservation and emission reduction work. Bin Qi, the Vice Minister of school Logistics Department, made a simple report on the project.
This project based on the special financial support of the government. The school began to declare this project in July 2018, passed the assessment in August 2018. It was finally publicized on August 27, 2018. The project involves a construction area of about 104,745.37 square meters, and a budget of about 3 million yuan by the government supports (distributed in installments). The transformation includes, replacement of lighting source, installation of power-saving and metering equipment. installation of heat metering and time-sharing temperature control system, etc..
The head of project department and technical department, from Jinan Green Information Technology Co., Ltd., respectively reported the progress of the project, construction conditions, construction content and expected benefits, etc.. They also made a on-site demo of the digital integrated energy consumption monitoring management platform. Base on the three months of trial operation, the energy consumption has been reduced by about 18% yearly.
After the meeting, they also reviewed the renovation site of the office building, construction building, boiler room and high-voltage power distribution room. During the process, the expert group focused on the power and HVAC, especially in power saving.
Finally, the expert group announced the acceptance opinion on the spot. They affirmed the energy-saving renovation project of our school, and unanimously agreed to ‘pass the acceptance’.


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