Shandong Provincial Department of Education Announced the First batch of Companies

 In order to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference of the province and the National Undergraduate Education Work Conference, to serve the energy transformation major projects, and to promote the high-quality development of higher education, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education has established a new company database.
Recently, the Provincial Department of Education issued a notice to announce the 211 enterprises that passed the qualification review as the first warehousing enterprises.
As the enterprises engaged in in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with the School of Information Engineering of our school, Beijing Huajing Jingshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongke Terui Technology Co., Ltd., have been successfully selected into the high-quality enterprise resource pool, becoming the first batch of selected information technology, as one of the 59 companies in the industry.
In 2015, our school cooperated with ZTE Corporation and Beijing Huasheng Economic Information Technology, to established ‘Ministry of Education - ZTE ICT Production and Education Integration Innovation Base’ and ‘ZTE Communication and Information School’. We chose electronic information engineering and computer science and technology for the first time cooperation. And start to train application-oriented talents in both communication engineering and cloud computing. For the first 2019 graduates, the employment rate reached 100%, the average salary is more than 4,500 yuan, and the quality of personnel training is highly recognized by industry enterprises. In 2016, our school was selected into the Ministry of Education’s data China --100 School Project, production and education integration innovation project. Our school worked with the two companies to build ‘Shuguang Hadoop Application Innovation Center’ and established the “Shuguang Hadoop Institute”. Now we have more than 160 students are studying in the two major.
 Next, our school will further strengthen cooperation with these companies, explore a new path of integration of production and education, cooperate with relevant departments of the Provincial Department of Education, and promote the integration of production and education. School will try the best to provide more high-quality students and achieve high-quality results for our province.


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