Business School students won the first prize of the National Innovation Award for Innovation and Ent

The National Finals of the 11th Innovation and Entrepreneurship National Management Decision Simulation Competition was held at the West China Normal University on July 21-24, 2019. This competition was hosted by the Ministry of Education's Business Administration Professional Teaching Steering Committee.
After intense provincial competitions, regional rematches and national semi-finals,  the Rockets, led by Ying Lu and Na Yan, the business administration department of our school, won the first prize in the national finals, and the school won the ‘Excellent Organization Award’.

This year 96 universities across the country attended the National Finals. All participating teams were divided into six industries, and each industry contained 16 companies (16 teams). During the competition, the competition was fierce. Our school team is composed of three students, Luoyan Tao from Business Management, Hongmin Qi from Financial Management and Na Jiang from Auditing. During a year-long preparation, the college leaders gave strong support in various aspects and put forward many important guiding opinions. Finally, the Rockets lived up to expectations and achieved excellent results.

This competition uses the commercial simulation operation system as a network competition platform, and carries out 6 years of business management decision simulation operation. It restored the problems in the overall business strategy decision, competitive strategy decision, production and operation management decision, marketing decision, financial decision and stock investment in the real business environment, and how to maximize shareholder wealth.

Throughout the simulation process, students can experience the job responsibilities and decision-making modes. They can feel the market competition, seize business opportunities and strengthen the overall team spirit of collaboration.

This competition provides a good platform for college students for better training practice. It simulated real-life scenarios in a real business community. It helped students truly understand how to make decisions under complex conditions, how to lead and organize teams to achieve goals. It is a large-scale enterprise management skill competition that integrates knowledge, cooperation and fun. The competition  aims to enable participants to complete all decisions from creation, operation to management in the virtual business community.

The excellent results of this competition are not only a comprehensive review of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of college students, but also the ability to communicate and collaborate among team members. It has played an active role in student ability development and skill improvement.


International Cooperation

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