Our school holds a seminar on cooperation and opening up of schools

Recently,  our school held a 2019 summary seminar on school-enterprise cooperation and open education. Many famous companies attended the seminar, including Huawei, ZTE Xinyada Education Group, Festo, and so on. Our school leaders, including the president, also attended this meeting, and the meeting was chaired by Cuilan Liu, the executive vice president.

The theme of this seminar is ‘School-enterprise cooperation, win-win development’. It is based on the current state vocational education reform and the school-enterprise cooperation under the new and old kinetic energy transformation strategy in Shandong Province. This seminar strengthened communication between schools and industry companies, and discussed about training strategy for high-level applied talents, research cooperation training mode, solutions and future development trends. Participants shared the talent development concepts and school-enterprise cooperation solutions in their respective industry sectors. They  achieved the goal of school-enterprise cooperation to jointly cultivate applied professionals.

During the meeting, on behalf of the school, Executive Vice President Cuilan Liu expressed warm welcome and gratitude to the experts of the enterprise.  After giving a brief introduction on the background of the conference and the school-enterprise cooperation, she states that government has issued a number of guiding documents, encouraging the improvement of vocational education and training systems. She pointed out that school-enterprise cooperation can achieve a win-win situation for schools, enterprises, society and students. She also summed up the achievements the weaknesses in the process of cooperation, and hoped that experts can give advice on school development.

The experts shared their ideas based on their own experience in the field of strength and the actual situation of the school. They also provided new ideas in the path of talent training and new modes of school-enterprise cooperation. Jian Jiang, manager of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., put forward the concept of ‘talent ecology is the core cornerstone of ‘platform+eco’ strategy’.  By the establishment of Huawei ICT Academy, the Ministry of Education Industry-University Cooperation and Education Project, and the Talent Alliance Double Election, we can build a wealth of teaching resources and a bridge of 'Student-Huawei Industry Chain'.

All secondary colleges have communicated with representatives of enterprise experts during the meeting. After the meeting, many of them attended ‘one-on-one’ meeting with the representatives of the company, and initially reached a strategic cooperation intention in terms of ‘new business construction’ and ‘dual system vocational education’.



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