Our School Leader Visited Shandong Normal University to discuss the cooperation between two schools

Recently, our school leaders visited Shandong Normal University for the discussion of the further cooperation between two schools. The meeting was held in the second floor meeting room of Shandong Normal University Qianfoshan Campus. Many school officials of two schools attended the meeting.
On behalf of the teachers and students of the entire school, the president of Yingcai University, Jiting Xia, thanked Shandong Normal University for their help and support, especially since the Provincial Department of Education established Shandong Normal University as a unit to help Shandong Yingcai College in 2015. Our president introduced the achievements of Shandong Yingcai University. At the moment, Yingcai University is planning a better development for the next 20 years in the spirit of "start a new undertaking" and working hard to create a high-level applied University. He put forward the idea of building a strategic cooperation relationship with Shandong Normal University, and brought up many suggestions. Secretary Chongjie Wang talked about his experience in working at the Yingcai University, and hoped that two schools will have more cooperation in the future.
Secretary Zhixiao Shang of Shandong Normal University fully affirmed the characteristics of our school. He expressed his sincere admiration for the outstanding achievements made by our school in personnel training, cooperation between schools and enterprises, and innovation and entrepreneurship. He also expressed his support for President Xia's intention to deepen cooperation and to promote the cooperative development of the two schools. President Qingliang Zeng expressed that he would implement the requirements of secretary Shang and conducted exchanges and specific docking arrangements with our school leaders on the contents of the cooperation. President Zeng hoped that he two universities will strengthen cooperation and complement each other. He said Shandong Normal University can build  a practical training base at the Yingcai University, and hoped that the cooperation between the two sides will achieve fruitful results.
The president Jiting Xia presented the peonies porcelain plate to Shandong Normal University. The secretary Zhixiao Shang presented the screen pendulum to Yingcai University. The leaders of the two sides held specific discussions on the relevant cooperation content, and expressed the hope that the school cooperation project will achieve good results.



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