School of Architecture and Engineering Held A Seminar

 School of Architecture and Engineering held a seminar about personnel development program for undergraduate majors on June 30th. This seminar involved three professions, including Civil engineering, project cost and project management.
Vice President Xinghu Zhang of our school and Deputy Minister of Teaching Department Yanke Zheng were invited to this seminar. There are many experts and scholars from our cooperative institutions and companies participated in this professional training program too. These cooperative institutions and companies include  Shandong Construction University, Shandong Urban Construction College, Shandong Provincial Institute of Architectural Design, Shandong Huiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd , Shandong Ping An Construction Group, 14th China Railway Testing Center and other cooperative institutions.
Dean Hongsheng Jiang was the host of this seminar. The meeting was  divided into three main parts: introduction of cultivation plan, expert demonstration and introduction of "1 + X" project. Vice President Hengyi Tian, Director Xiang Qiuand Director Hongxia Yang talked about  the revision of the personnel training programs for civil engineering, engineering costs, and engineering management. This meeting aims to weaken professional rigidity and promote professional integration. In order to optimize training target and graduation requirements, this meeting considered development trend of the construction industry and the core content of engineering certification . And each professional training program has highlighted the continuous line of BIM technology application and the characteristics of architectural industrialization on the basis of professional standards.
Experts have given valuable suggestions on many aspects, including the orientation of training goals, the decomposition of graduation requirements, the logical relationship of curriculum setting, the convergence of school and enterprise courses, and the development of graduation design. At the end of the seminar, Vice President Hengyi Tian introduced the application process of the first batch of "1 + X" architectural information model(BIM) pilot and the measures to carry out the "1 + X" pilot work.
Our university will collate the suggestions and opinions from the participating experts. In order to revise and formulate the 2019-edition general undergraduate talents training program of the School of Engineering and Construction , school will also consider the engineering certification standards, the National undergraduate teaching quality standards, and the relevant regulations of the Shandong Shandong Yingcai University.


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