The Summary Conference on Accreditation of Preschool Education Specialty was Held

      From June 11 to 13, the preschool education specialty was examined by a group of experts from the Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education. After the examination, the experts gave feedback and affirmed the achievements, characteristics and advantages of our preschool education major.
      Vice-president LIU Cuilan said that certification work is a major reform to improve the quality of teacher training. Vice-President ZHANG Xinghu pointed out that since the start of this work, the teachers of Preschool Education Institute have adjusted and improved the whole process of teaching materials, teachers’ professional skills and the quality of education and teaching in accordance with the concept and standard of professional certification. All the work fully embodies the spirit of organizational coordination and overcoming difficulties of preschool education institute.
      President XIA Jiting made a keynote speech with “recognition, trust, unity, struggle, pride, confidence and serious rectification”. He expressed his appreciation for the strong cohesion of the preschool education faculty during the period of professional certification, and encouraged teachers to make our preschool education major a brand in the whole province, the whole country and even the whole world. He also said that we will continue to support and give priority to the development of preschool education.
      Finally, Professor SONG Zhanmei, Dean of Preschool Education College, made a speech. She thanked the leaders for their high recognition and encouragement to all the teachers and students of the preschool education institute. In the next work, all the preschool educators will devote themselves to the rectification work according to the standards and requirements of professional certification for teachers’ training. At the same time, all of them will try to make more contributions to Shandong Yingcai university.

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