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<1> Joint campus:

1. Chinese-foreign cooperative institute in China (only one overseas partner to be selected)
•Purpose: Joining force with China's best private university to establish an globally reputable institution in China, which could serve as a bridgehead to tap in and receive top tier students from the Chinese market, and/or as an additional offshore campus to provide your students with a Chinese home away from home
•No infrastructure investment needed: We already have beautiful campuses in operation, and can designate the most suitable one solely to this exclusive partnership. This campus is 1.5 hours from Beijing, on the east coast of China, in the heart of the central  business district of Jinan, the capital of Shandong province balanced in cultural, economic, and natural aspects
•Policy and regulation: The Chinese government encourages our University to form a joint institution with a globally outstanding overseas partner. We will take the lead in applying for the official approval from the Ministry of Education
•Joint governance: Joint Management Board formed by both partners, sharing decision-making rights and operational dividends
•Resources: Key management team and faculty members provided or recruited together by both partners (flexible length of employment for overseas staff), while best leveraging our capabilities in China
•Academic areas: We are happy to build it towards higher standards and quality, either
‒    In areas of our mutual strengths (e.g. electronic engineering, big data analytics, early childhood education, elderly services, health management, art design, modern music and dancing etc.), or
‒    Centred on your core academic areas and curricula (apart from the above-mentioned subject portfolio), while we provide local know-how, administration, student management, marketing, student recruitment and other operational capabilities, and recruit new top-tier academic faculties if need be – the successful "Ningbo - Nottingham" model

Degrees granted: Bachelor from both partners

2. Joint campus to receive Chinese students
•Students recruited from China, to study at joint school within partner institution overseas

Foreign degrees granted: Bachelor and/or Master

<2> Student programmes:

3. Bachelor to Master (Graduate Transfer)

For our Bachelor graduates to study for 1-year Master's abroad – easiest to begin with
Foreign degree granted: Master

4. Associate to Master

For our 3-year Associate or penultimate year undergraduate students to study for Master's degree at your institution. Example arrangement: 2.5 / 3 years in China, plus 0.5 / 1 year bridge / foundation course on either side, followed by 1 year abroad to finish the Master's degree
Foreign degree granted: Master

5. Bachelor 2+2

First 2 years in China to constitute up to 1/3 credits at your institution, followed by 2 years abroad towards a Bachelor's degree overseas (with, or without, a Chinese Bachelor)
Foreign degree granted: Bachelor


<3> Vocational training and beyond:

6. Vocational training in China-related context

For employees of Chinese businesses overseas, esp. in / from Belt-and-Road countries
Training in applied career skills including languages, culture, and management

7. Academic and training system “export” to China

Esp. in family education and services, e.g. early childhood education, nursing, geriatric services, and housekeeping

8.“Study and work” in China

Esp. for students with background or interests in early childhood education, or family services in general


International Cooperation

  • Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi University in Thailand
    Signing a Cooperation Agreement with Thonburi
  • Preprimary Education Won the Good Performance in Competition
    Preprimary Education Won the Good Performance
  • The Library Integrates Services into the Classroom
    The Library Integrates Services into the Clas
  • Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for Prospering the People and Promoting Shandong Province”
    Our Teacher JIAN Li Won the “Labor Medal for


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